How to clean diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump is divided into pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump comprehensive performance, suitable for dealing with all kinds of complex components of the liquid, but if you do not pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, it may cause the flow channel blockage, in order to improve the customer’s actual pump experience, reduce the blockage accident, saiken pump industry on how to clean diaphragm pump to make relevant introduction, details can be seen below.

For the diaphragm pump how to clean this problem, from the operation, only need to put the diaphragm pump in the clear pool can be looked at for a few minutes, the dirty foreign body in the pump chamber will be discharged with the pipeline. However, if the diaphragm breaks in the process of operation, the valve and the pump chamber will also penetrate a certain amount of media, which should be paid attention to the replacement of the diaphragm before the pump body properly cleaned. At the same time, pay attention to whether the transport medium is harmful, if it is harmless liquid, you can directly use absorbent towel to scrub the pipeline and pump chamber clean, but if there are harmful acidic or corrosive media, use clean water after taking good protective measures.

It needs to be clear that the purpose of cleaning diaphragm pump is to prevent the media in the pump chamber precipitation or condensation, especially in the treatment of part of the high viscosity of the medium, timely cleaning can avoid the pump chamber plugging and prevent the internal pipe narrowing, visible, cleaning work is necessary for pump personnel.

In the cleaning process, the main cleaning object is the pump chamber and the inlet and outlet conduit, as long as the diaphragm pump can operate normally, just through the normal look at the water can achieve this purpose, if the diaphragm pump due to accidental condition damage can not be looked at normally, then manual cleaning, can use a rag to clean the trachea can be replaced by a new diaphragm again normal use.

To sum up, it helps especially to have a certain understanding of how to clean the diaphragm pump. Overall, the cleaning work is not troublesome, and it is recommended to include this into the normal start and stop steps of the afterwork.

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