Diaphragm pump no water idling how

Diaphragm pump no water idling how? Need to distinguish between electric type or pneumatic type, pneumatic diaphragm pump because of the use of compressed air drive, does not generate heat during operation, so no water idling will not damage the pump body, and electric diaphragm pump using motor drive, if no water idling will lead to temperature rise, thus the possibility of burning the pump, this point needs special attention.

For the diaphragm pump no water idling how this problem, it is necessary to know that the conventional pneumatic diaphragm pump in the process does not generate heat, so even if caused by accident idling, there will be no traditional pump idling burned, can idling is one of the main characteristics of the diaphragm pump, can effectively reduce the difficulty of artificial operation, in use without special arrangements to monitor the operation of the situation, Even if there is overload operation, the air pump will automatically stop, such as normal load after normal recovery, is a simple to use, worry and labor saving ideal equipment.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump comprehensive performance, built-in distribution valve, to solve the problem of ordinary diaphragm pump easy to crash, but also in the performance of the winner. Convenient in daily use, diaphragm pump without irrigation water, with suction up to 5 meters, head up to 70 meters, outlet pressure ≧6bar, good flow, allow through the maximum particle diameter of 10mm, even long-term treatment of mud impurity composition medium also wear slightly on the pump.

After the basic understanding of pneumatic diaphragm pump, it needs to be explained that in some conditions with higher demand for parameters, electric diaphragm pump may be needed, and such diaphragm pump because of the configuration of motor, and strictly prohibited idling. Users should note that although electric diaphragm pump and pneumatic diaphragm pump in the medium adaptability, working principle, scope of application is almost the same, but because of the driving force source is different, so in the operation and precautions are different, should avoid idling, and pay attention to the state of the motor always deal with stability, it is recommended to do a good job of regular maintenance work.

Above, to help you understand the diaphragm pump no water idling will be how, in short, according to the specific model specifications to determine, in general, as long as the parameters can meet the requirements of the transportation process, are recommended to give priority to pneumatic diaphragm pump.

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