Is the diaphragm pump unidirectional

Is the diaphragm pump unidirectional? Is only one-way transportation of materials, although pneumatic diaphragm pump inversion will not appear overheating, will not cause component damage, but can not reverse transport materials, diaphragm pump does not support two-way transportation of materials, currently support the reverse transport of materials only screw pump, and to ensure that there is enough medium at the entrance, details can see saiken pump industry to bring the following content.

About the diaphragm pump is one-way, is not, diaphragm pump is a comprehensive performance, easy to use safe high quality pump, flow spacious, through good performance, allow through the maximum particle diameter of 10mm, can handle more solid material, at the same time in idling, reversal of the case will not damage the pump, but if the wrong turn, will have a greater impact on the flow, It does not support the reverse transport of materials like the screw pump, which belongs to the one-way transport pump. If the two-way transport medium is needed, it is recommended to use a single screw pump.

In understanding the diaphragm pump is one-way this problem, in order to facilitate you to understand the basic characteristics and function of this kind of pump, saiken pump industry on the pump to make a brief introduction for understanding.

Diaphragm pump is a new type of pump products, pneumatic diaphragm pump as the main model, in addition to the electric diaphragm pump, both because of performance differences and different adaptability to the medium, so the application conditions are different, generally speaking, the flow head and other parameters have higher requirements can be used motor diaphragm pump, in the transportation process can meet the situation most use pneumatic, This is because, compared with electric pumps, pneumatic diaphragm pumps do not generate heat during operation, more safe to use, even if idling or overload operation will not damage the pump, full of durability. Because there is no need to connect the motor, the pump is light, easy to install and use, without additional shock absorber, medium adaptability is also very superior, can deal with solid particles and high viscosity medium, in addition, the pump has the function of self-priming, diving, internal diaphragm can also be the medium will not be isolated, so it also has the characteristics of shield pump.

To sum up, not only to help you understand the diaphragm pump is one-way, but also to further the basic characteristics and use of the pump to provide an introduction, in order to improve the stability of the transport process, it is recommended to clear the pump conditions and required parameters, in advance and contact the manufacturer in order to choose the appropriate pump type, if you encounter other pump related problems, you can also directly consult saiken pump industry.

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