1 inch gear oil pump model KCB 55

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Saiken brand gear oil pump Model “KCB/YCB” (Rotary Twin Gear Pump – oil Gear Pump – Positive Displacement Pump – External Gear Pump) Heavy duty foot mounting type positive displacement rotary twin gear pump. Model “KCB/YCB”having three piece construction it can be easily cleanable and maintainable. These pumps having a double helical refined gear and hardened grind finished shaft, double helical gear prevent axial load & side thrust which is help to increase life and performance of pump.

The self lubricated needle roller bearing type, Used for clean viscous liquid having sufficient lubricating property such as clean lube oil, Gear oil, Animal oil, Fish oil, Hydraulic oil, Honey, Vegetable oil, SAE lubricating oil for continues duty, However Intermittent duty Bush Bearing for small size pump

KCB 200 Gear Oil Pump Specifications:

    Model  Capacity   (L/min)Pressure   (Bar)Speed   (rpm)Caliber   (inch)Power   (kw)Efficiency
200 (53gpm)3.314202446%

The pump is designed to pump light fuel oils such as diesel, kerosene and bio diesel. It can also pump vegetable oil, motor oil, and even glycerin (a waste product from the biodiesel process). However, the viscosity of the working fluid will largely determine whether the pump can handle it. If these thicker oils are fluid media, especially if they are below 100°F, the pump operation cycle may be discontinuous. A gear pump is a pump connected to a motor by a shaft. The pump itself is all metal (metal gear) and can pump hot fluid without affecting the motor. High power motor, with thermal protection function, automatically shut down the pump when there is danger of overheating. These pumps produce strong suction and are self-priming. They dry up for only a moderate amount of time, allowing the use of suction hoses to collect liquid from the tank. They should not be idling for long periods as oil is needed to lubricate the pump head. The metal gears that drive the pumping action can handle a lot of fluid, even if it’s partially dirty. In the case of vegetable oil, any soft particles will pass straight through the pump without problem and are often pulverized by the gears. Do not let metal and other hard materials through the pump, otherwise it may damage the gear.

KCB gear oil pump model data sheet:

KCB PumpSize Rated FlowPressureRated Speed Motor Power

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