Centrifugal type hot oil pump for Paratherm

China Hot oil Pump Manufacturer and Supplies Centrifugal type hot oil pump for Paratherm, Stainless steel 304 316 316L,Cast steel,The highest temperature up to 350℃



Flow Rate Up to 1250m³/h
Max Head (pressure) Up to 125m
Sizes:DN20-350mm Outlet
Max Temperature:350°C

1.WRY Series 370 degree hot oil transfer pump is suitable for heat-conduction oil, or other hot oils with temperature ≤370°C

  1. It has a reasonable structure, advanced technology, high efficiency, long-term stable operation without leakage in the hot state. Used to transport not containing solid particles of corrosion high temperature liquid with system of directly wind cooling.
  2. It’s widely used in petroleum oil, chemical industry, rubber, leather, food industry, grease, boilers, construction, road maintenance, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, synthetic fiber textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial fields.
Working Principle:Centrifugal Pump
Material:Cast Steel, SS304
Max. Temperature:370°C(698°F)
Diameter Size:20~150 mm
Flow Range:4.5~400 m3/h (other request can be customized)
Head Range:15~85 m (other request can be customized)
Usage:Hot Oil, Cooling Oil, Circulation Oil
Drive:Electric Motor, Diesel Engine
Liquid with Solid:No