Pneumatic diaphragm pump how to adjust the flow

Pneumatic diaphragm pump how to adjust the flow? There are two kinds of conventional regulation. The relatively common one is to change the flow by controlling the pressure of the air source, which is simple and intuitive and can also reduce energy consumption. The other way of external regulation is to change the flow and head and other operating parameters by controlling the valve opening of the pneumatic diaphragm pump.

About how to adjust the flow of pneumatic diaphragm pump, no matter what kind of adjustment method is selected, it is quite simple in operation, and the flow is intuitive, not easy to crash, long life of the valve, convenient operation and maintenance, very suitable for the new operator, reasonable structure design makes it in regulating the flow, will not cause too much energy loss.

After understanding how pneumatic diaphragm pumps regulate the flow of this problem, in order to facilitate you to have more understanding of this pump, saiken Pump industry to further introduce its advantages, to provide more options for users of transportation projects.

Diaphragm pump is a new kind of pump, overcome the traditional pump products need to rely on motor defects, and can effectively transport containing certain solid particles and corrosive, toxic, acidic, high viscosity and other media, which makes diaphragm pump has a very wide range of applicability, no matter what kind of transportation environment can use diaphragm pump, small and light pump body can make installation work more easily, The choice of installation location is also more flexible, in many transportation projects can replace submersible pump, screw pump, shield pump, sewage pump and so on.

The safety of pneumatic diaphragm pump is also worth explaining, different from the electric pump, because the use of compressed air drive, no heat generated in the operation process, so even if the accidental discharge and idling, will not appear to burn the pump. In the process of transportation, accidents lead to transportation overload, pneumatic diaphragm pump will automatically stop, with excellent self-protection performance, can effectively improve the safety of transportation.

In summary, a brief introduction to the pneumatic diaphragm pump how to adjust the flow, overall, the operation and use of the air pump has the characteristics of simple, safe, reliable, stable, pump personnel without too much worry.

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