Specification for inspection of diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pump pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump

In order to play the performance of the diaphragm pump to a greater extent, and to ensure that the pump can run for a long time without fault during transportation, it is quite necessary to strictly implement the diaphragm pump inspection specifications. The inspection process is divided into several steps to confirm that all kinds of parts of the pump are intact, the structure is correct and reasonable, and the performance parameters meet the relevant standards. The details are as follows.

SAIKEN Pump industry diaphragm pump after the completion of production will be confirmed by professional technicians in accordance with the diaphragm pump inspection specifications, customers do not need to do a secondary inspection, if for special reasons want to test diaphragm pump, you can refer to the following inspection items.

First, the pump body appearance inspection

1. Check the integrity of the inlet and outlet caliber and flange specifications of the diaphragm pump. There can be no cracks or scratches, corrosion and other damage phenomena.

2, pump housing, base, paint, etc., can not have obvious defects or corrosion.

3, check the pump oil tank seal and cushion situation, the main confirmation sealing effect should be closely fitted, while there is no damage.

4, check the auxiliary accessories other than the pump, such as pipelines, instruments, valves, etc., to be complete.

5. Manually turn the car for a few laps to ensure that there is no sticking or abnormal sound in operation, and then test run for a few minutes to confirm that the performance parameters of the pump are in line with the marks on the pump nameplate.

Two, pump body components and structure inspection

1. After disassembling the diaphragm pump, check the integrity of the impeller and pump shell, and check the fastening of the impeller back cap, to confirm that the internal cleaning is clean.

2. Check and confirm that the bearing room is clean and free of foreign bodies.

3. Check whether the mechanical seal, washing pipe, joint and discharge pipe of diaphragm pump are in good condition.

4, diaphragm as one of the key components of the diaphragm pump, need to focus on the diaphragm pump inspection specifications, need to check the diaphragm material and transportation medium match, the external shape is also in line with the process of transportation requirements, the surface of the diaphragm should also be smooth without cracks, there is no delamination.

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