Diaphragm pump maintenance and maintenance

Regular maintenance and maintenance of the diaphragm pump can maintain the stability of the transportation project, according to the use of the diaphragm pump environment and transport media properties to establish the maintenance cycle, under normal circumstances, it is recommended to carry out maintenance every half a year, if the operating environment is harsh or the transport of the media composition is complex, the wear rate of the pump may be accelerated, If there is performance degradation, shorten the maintenance period.

Diaphragm pump is a new pump driven by compressed air source, different from the electric pump needs to rely on the power supply, pneumatic diaphragm pump can be installed and used anywhere, and because the pump body is small and lightweight, without additional damping device, running without too much noise interference, is a very easy to use pump type. And benefit from the outstanding comprehensive performance, the pump can freely deal with acid and rot liquid, containing liquid shell particles, high viscosity liquid and so on, in the universality and screw pump almost the same.

Diaphragm pump in the actual operation of reliable performance, not crash, with self-protection function, but if the working condition is bad, after a long time to use the internal components will still inevitably wear, so the need to customize the diaphragm pump maintenance and maintenance, need to pass a series of maintenance work to ensure the diaphragm pump performance is always stable, relevant recommendations are as follows.

1, arrange the technical specialist to use the diaphragm pump, weekly routine maintenance of the diaphragm pump, mainly monitoring the running parameters have no obvious decline, the pump itself has no obvious damage and so on, and do a good job of the corresponding maintenance records;

2, every six months for a comprehensive maintenance, need to remove the pump to check the integrity of the internal components, need to focus on diaphragm, bearing, ball seat, connecting rod, sealing ring and so on;

3. Every month, the pneumatic diaphragm pump is tested once, and the trial run time is usually about 15 minutes;

4, in the diaphragm pump maintenance and maintenance, together with the pump pneumatic triplet and other auxiliary devices are also checked.

The above briefly describes the maintenance and maintenance of diaphragm pump, to help you have a certain understanding of the relevant matters, it is recommended to arrange professional and technical personnel to overhaul the operation, to avoid improper operation but cause damage to the pump body, if you need relevant technical support, you can contact saiken pump industry.

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