Pneumatic diaphragm pump what parts

Pneumatic diaphragm pump was born later, is a new type of pump products, compared with the traditional pump in the structure design is more simple, the use of compressed air driven way is also very unique, recently some customers want to understand what pneumatic diaphragm pump components, in this regard, SAIKEN Pump industry on the internal components of pneumatic diaphragm pump to make relevant introduction for reference.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump what parts, internal components are not much, far less than the traditional pump, are air intake, valve body, valve, ball, ball seat, diaphragm, connecting rod, connecting rod copper sleeve, middle bracket, pump inlet, exhaust port, the important part is the diaphragm, not only plays the role of insulating medium, but also can make the pressure normal forming, According to the properties of the medium there are a variety of material options, such as fluorine plastic, silicone, PTFE and so on, the configuration is quite flexible.

After knowing what parts pneumatic diaphragm pump, also need to know that the customer is aware of, diaphragm pump according to different transportation conditions, support a variety of material customization, such as plastic, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy and so on shell material, can be used in different installation environment. In addition, for users who want to further improve the stability of transportation conditions, filters, pressure gauges, buffer cylinder, vacuum transformer and other accessories can also be added according to the actual needs. Its significance is to ensure the purity of compressed air, prevent high pressure and so on.

Through the pneumatic diaphragm pump internal components can be seen, the composition structure is very little, less wearing parts, which means that the failure rate in the process of use is very low, installation and maintenance are more convenient. In fact, the diaphragm pump in the transport medium will not contact with the valve and connecting rod and other motion components, so will not be like other motor pumps because the rotor and gear blades and other components gradually wear with the service life, so the diaphragm pump can still ensure stable performance after a long time.

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