Is diaphragm pump resistant to high temperature

Is diaphragm pump resistant to high temperature? Whether high temperature resistance and heat resistance range is determined by the pump body and diaphragm material, at present, whether pneumatic diaphragm pump or electric diaphragm pump support fluorine plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, cast steel and other materials, diaphragm for the transport medium properties and temperature and free selection, if there is a high temperature resistance demand, just contact the manufacturer in advance to customize.

About diaphragm pump high temperature resistance, can be understood from the pump body material and diaphragm, details are as follows.

Engineering plastic diaphragm pump: heat resistance temperature is about 70℃, the characteristics of this material is also reflected in light weight, corrosion resistance, relatively low production cost, daily use and carry are more convenient.

Metal diaphragm pump: heat resistant temperature is usually about 100℃, compared with plastic pump to heavy, high mechanical strength, if the selection of stainless steel as the main material can be used in the field of medicine and food, transport process can not pollute the medium.

In addition to the pump body material, look at the heat resistance of the diaphragm, the heat resistance temperature of butadiene rubber and neoprene rubber film is about 80℃, fluorine rubber film and tetrafluoroidal material film can reach 200℃, but the cost is relatively high, not necessary without special choice.

In knowing the diaphragm pump resistance to high temperature this problem, users can further understand the diaphragm pump related performance uses, SAIKEN pump industry’s popular pneumatic diaphragm pump as an example, can deal with a variety of highly toxic, flammable, volatile and strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion liquid, no need for water in use, simple operation, self-priming 7 meters, head up to 50 meters, It can easily transport liquids with viscosity below 10,000 cm, and can also use the control valve opening for stepless adjustment during operation.

After the above introduction, I believe you also have a certain understanding of diaphragm pump high temperature resistance, in a word, it supports high temperature resistance, but for users should be clear in advance of the temperature changes in the transportation project, and then customized pump body and diaphragm material, in order to prevent damage to pneumatic diaphragm pump caused by accidental conditions, more details can be directly consult SAIEKN pump industry.

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