Can diaphragm pump run for a long time

Can diaphragm pump run for a long time? Diaphragm pump is divided into electric diaphragm pump and pneumatic diaphragm pump two kinds, which pneumatic pump in the process of operation does not generate heat, so it can run for a long time, and there is no hidden danger, and the electric pump because of the motor drive, if the stable transport of liquid under the premise can also run for a long time, but not like the pneumatic pump to run.

About the diaphragm pump can run for a long time, simply put, can run for a long time, especially the pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used for a long time without risk or hidden danger, even if the accident causes idling, or overload and so on, do not have to worry about damage to the pump, more convenient and durable to use, and the electric diaphragm pump in the long run to maintain attention, Avoid medium cut-off or low flow can be, compared with the pneumatic pump needs to invest more energy, this is caused by different driving force sources.

After knowing whether the diaphragm pump can run for a long time, the user only needs to confirm the choice of electric diaphragm pump or pneumatic diaphragm pump according to the working condition before choosing the pump type. There is little difference between the two kinds of pump structure, but the driving force source is different and the actual performance parameters are different. In general, it is recommended to use pneumatic diaphragm pump in remote conditions that are difficult to connect the power supply, or transport flammable and explosive liquid, which will be more safe and reliable, and if the transport process has higher requirements for performance parameters and stability, and the transport medium is not harmful, it is recommended to use electric diaphragm pump.

In addition, the user needs to be clear that the diaphragm pump as a new type of pump, pump material support plastic, aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel and other materials, the internal diaphragm can also be targeted to choose silicone, fluorine plastic, polytetramethylene, etc., users only need to clear the transport required parameters and media temperature changes can quickly match the model, SAIKEN Pumps is able to provide a full range of customized services.

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