Pneumatic diaphragm pump operating rules

It is very helpful to know the operating procedures of pneumatic diaphragm pump to maintain the stability of the water transport project. Recently, many users have consulted related operational matters. In this regard, saiken Pump industry has made a review and introduction from the preparatory work to the operating specifications, in order to ensure that the equipment operators reduce improper operation and ensure the use efficiency and life of pneumatic diaphragm pump.

Before knowing the operating procedures of pneumatic diaphragm pump, necessary preparatory work needs to be carried out, mainly to check the integrity of pneumatic diaphragm pump itself and the proper operating environment.

1. Check whether the shape of the pneumatic diaphragm pump is deformed or damaged;

2, check whether the installation position is in line with the standards, the need to maintain a good ventilation environment, while ensuring that the pump around the sufficient exhaust space;

3. Check whether the proportion and temperature of the transport medium exceed the transport standard;

4, test run, check whether the pump chamber is abnormal, pressure and current is normal;

After confirming the condition of the pneumatic diaphragm pump is intact, normal transport can be carried out. The operating procedures of the pneumatic diaphragm pump are as follows.

1. Fill the medium to be transported to the pump head to ensure that the medium can flow into the pump, only the first use of the need for pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump itself has self-priming performance, the subsequent use of no manual pump;

2, by controlling the pneumatic diaphragm pump valve opening can adjust the flow size, in addition, can also adjust the air pressure to control the flow;

3. After the completion of suction work, use water purification to clean the pump to avoid damage to the pump after the medium condenses.

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