Are diaphragm pumps resistant to organic solvents

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Are diaphragm pumps resistant to organic solvents? Undoubtedly can, diaphragm pump pump body and diaphragm have a variety of materials available to order, for different nature of organic solvents can be freely transported, in addition to organic solvents, but also transport strong acid, strong rot, strong alkali liquid, including high viscosity and liquid with hard particles, comparable to screw pump in medium adaptability.

About organic solvent resistance of diaphragm pump, users who need to transport organic solvent can first clear the specific composition of solvent, and then select different materials of diaphragm, Zhongcheng pump industry can provide users with butadiene rubber, neoprene rubber, food rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, fluorine rubber and other materials, respectively can deal with different types of media. In addition, the pump body supports cast iron, engineering plastics, titanium alloy, stainless steel and other materials, not only more effectively fit the user’s actual transportation conditions, but also to ensure the stability of the transportation project.

In know diaphragm pump resistance to organic solvent this problem, may want to have more understanding of the transport performance of the pump, saiken pump pneumatic diaphragm pump for example, can withstand a variety of highly toxic, flammable, volatile and strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion liquid, can withstand up to 150℃ liquid temperature, no need to use water, self-priming 7 meters, head up to 50 meters, Transportation viscosity of the liquid below 10,000 cm do not have to worry about plugging, the operation process can be controlled by the valve opening to stepless adjustment.

Although the diaphragm pump comprehensive performance, many advantages, but as a user in addition to pay attention to the diaphragm pump resistance to organic solvents, there are several points to pay attention to.

1, diaphragm pump running vibration is weak, usually do not need to install the bottom bolt;

2. Install pneumatic triplets at the entrance of the pump to avoid foreign bodies entering the compressed air;

3, in the treatment of easy to freeze the medium, it is recommended to install the valve at the inlet of the pump, after the completion of the transportation work completed the valve, and then open the pump to run the medium all discharged, to avoid the difficulty of opening the pump again.

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