How does diaphragm pump absorb shock

Diaphragm pump includes pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump.

How does diaphragm pump absorb shock? By installing foot bolts or shock absorbers to relieve vibration, machine pump products should pay attention to shock absorption, mainly to avoid noise interference and avoid internal components in high frequency jitter accelerated wear, but diaphragm pump pump body light, itself is very low vibration, usually do not need to consider additional shock.

Diaphragm pump has a variety of customized materials for different transportation conditions, in addition to the common engineering plastic pump, also support the use of alloy, stainless steel, cast iron and other materials, because of very light weight, in most cases without setting shock absorption measures, in the actual work noise and vibration are very low. If you must consider how diaphragm pump shock absorption, in addition to the installation of foot bolts, is to install rubber material shock absorber to play a cushioning role.

If the user is found that the diaphragm pump vibration is severe need shock absorption, should consider whether the diaphragm pump internal components abnormal caused by the fault, normal operation of the diaphragm pump vibration is very slight, if the obvious shaking is severe, do not think about the diaphragm pump how to absorb the shock, but should consider the necessary maintenance of the pump to let the pump back to normal, from the previous diaphragm pump experience, You can see the following ways to check processing.

Diaphragm pump electric rotor imbalance will lead to vibration, coupling is unable to fit normally, will also have a direct impact on the running state of the pump, in addition to the two components, users can also check whether the bearing and other motion components have serious wear or bending. If you do not pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the pump in peacetime use, the internal parts after a long time of use, due to frequent friction and work, it will inevitably affect the performance due to wear, resulting in abnormal vibration, only need to find out the reason after the replacement of damaged new parts as needed.

The above content helps you to understand how diaphragm pump shock absorption, in simple terms, it is recommended that users judge whether the vibration is abnormal before action, for the first use of the pump shaking violently, you can check whether the pipe support is unstable, whether the fastening screws are loose and other installation conditions.

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