Heat transfer oil transfer pump

WRY Heat transfer oil transfer pump design, structure and KSB hot oil pump is similar, if you are looking for KSB thermal oil Pump, please contact us!


Hot oils carry heat from one place to another at very high temperatures. They are usually preheated to 120°C to 350°C by various methods, including; Resistor or by burner. There are other different names for heat conduction oil, including heat conduction oil, heat conduction oil or HTF. Common heat transfer oils include; Mobiltherm, Paratherm, Duratherm, Multitherm, Dowtherm and Marlotherm. Due to the high temperature, the heat conduction oil usually has a very low viscosity and is therefore easily handled by high temperature rated centrifugal pumps.

WRY Single Stage Centrifugal Thermal Oil Pump

Flow RateUp to 550m³/hr
Head (Pressure)Up to 125m
Inlet/Outlet SizesDN25 to DN150
Operating TemperatureUp to 380°C
Drive OptionsElectric Motor, Engine

The WRY end suction, single stage centrifugal thermal oil pump can be used for thermal oil that is free of solid particles. Common fluids pumped include thermal oil, heat transfer oil, bitumen and low viscosity high temperature industrial oils and common applications include steel plants, plastic manufacturing facilities, heat transfer circulating systems, and the rubber and wood processing industry for boiler feed.

Heat transfer oil transfer pump-China Saiken Pumps

The centrifugal thermal oil pump design has many benefits:

The back pull out design allows the motor to be removed while the pump is still connected to the pipework, this in turn allows time saving while the pump is serviced/maintained.

This thermal oil pump is air cooled meaning no additional cooling device is required.

It is fitted with a high temperature resistant seal allowing it to pump fluids as high as 350°C

Can pump a wide range of low viscosity high temperature oils

Suitable for thermal oils including, Mobiltherm, Paratherm, Duratherm, Multitherm, Dowtherm and Marlotherm

Back pull out design to ensure quick and easy maintenance

Maximum fluid temperature of 380°C

High temperature resistant seal

Air cooled
Independent pump and motor shafts
Single phase and three phase 50hz / 60hz motors. IP55 as standard.
Long coupled with baseplate

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