Pneumatic diaphragm pump noise what reason

Pneumatic diaphragm pump noise what reason? As a lightweight transportation equipment made of engineering plastics, pneumatic diaphragm pump should be bass no vibration in the actual operation process, if there is obvious noise, then check whether the operating parameters meet the corresponding standards at the same time, if the flow and head and other performance parameters are also affected, it should be timely necessary maintenance.

What reason for the noise of pneumatic diaphragm pump, a brief introduction of several possible reasons, and provide the corresponding maintenance measures.

1. Wrong installation: Pneumatic diaphragm pump pump body light so no additional installation of shock absorption device, but the need to correctly install pneumatic triplet, diaphragm pump itself should be located correctly, some users like to add your air pump fixed on the triangular iron welding bracket, but this tripod is too single, not solid, resulting in only a small number of air pump base and triangle iron contact, resulting in not smooth operation, The pump needs to be installed on a hard, flat surface.

2. No debugging before operation: when installing pneumatic diaphragm pump, the concentricity of coupling is not adjusted correctly in advance, or the rubber block in the coupling is aging or worn after a long time of use, which leads to the vibration of pneumatic diaphragm pump becomes larger, and the concentricity of coupling needs to be re-corrected or replaced with a new rubber block, and the concentricity will be corrected.

3, internal component damage: pneumatic diaphragm pump internal components are not much, each can play a unique role, if the accident condition leads to a component damage, it will directly affect the complete running track, not only abnormal sound, will also affect the operating parameters, it is recommended to check the pump bearing, diaphragm and other important components, and then check whether there is damage to other components.

4. Change the configuration of the air pump by yourself: some users privately change the inlet pipeline without consulting the manufacturer, such as changing the inlet pipeline to a smaller amount of water that can not keep up with the output of the pneumatic diaphragm pump, which will lead to abnormally large noise and vibration.

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