Pneumatic diaphragm pump can oil

Pneumatic diaphragm pump can oil? Mainly to see the proportion of oil and particle content, pneumatic diaphragm pump is a kind of transportation equipment with excellent comprehensive performance, with reliable medium adaptability, common cooking oil, oil, industrial oil can be normal suction, and because the pump does not rely on motor drive, so in a variety of remote environment can also be used, and there is no leakage such as safety risks.

Some of the oil has a certain flammability, pneumatic diaphragm pump has better stability and safety in transportation, is an ideal transportation equipment, for pneumatic diaphragm pump can oil users have questions, can further understand the basic performance of this type of pump, its advantages are as follows.

1, pneumatic diaphragm pump before use without diversion, with a suction range of five meters, lifting up to 70 meters, without connecting the motor can be driven, but pay attention to the installation of pneumatic triplets to maintain smooth operation;

2, pneumatic diaphragm pump support a variety of materials customization, such as plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron and so on, the default use of engineering plastic material, pump body light, no additional installation of shock absorption device;

3, diaphragm pump support three control modes, can achieve stepless adjustment, whether it is enabled or shut down state can adjust freely, the operation is very flexible and easy to use;

4, because there is no need to use electricity, not only installation and easy to use, in flammable and explosive places to use is no leakage and other safety hazards;

5, can be like submersible pump as directly placed under the water operation, do not worry about the body moisture, in the actual operation process also need not worry about reversal and idling, because the air pump in the operation process is not like the electric pump will generate heat;

6, although the pneumatic diaphragm pump internal structure is simple, diaphragm as a kind of elastic material needs to be regularly checked and replaced, but in the period of validity can effectively eliminate media leakage, sealing performance is excellent, can be used as a shield pump;

7, air pump in the medium adaptability comparable to screw pump, not only can transport high consistency of oil, but also includes some medium containing fine particles.

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