Can diesel be delivered by diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump

Can diesel be delivered by diaphragm pump? It can be used, considering that diesel oil belongs to light oil and has a certain viscosity, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy diaphragm pump for transport, diaphragm material is selected Teflon, if the transport condition has other special requirements, need to customize the structure or material of the pump, can contact saiken pump industry in advance.

Compared with other pump products, diaphragm pump transport diesel oil has unique advantages. Although the boiling point of diesel oil is high, contact with open flame will not be lit, also not volatile, but toxic, if the transportation process of leakage, can be absorbed through the human skin and respiratory inhalation, resulting in personal safety, and diaphragm pump in the transportation process has a reliable shielding effect, can ensure that diesel does not leak, prevent safety risks. If the pneumatic diaphragm pump is used, it can be used normally in various remote conditions because it does not need electricity.

In fact, not only diesel, other petroleum products can also be normally transported, but we should pay attention to the specific diameter of the diaphragm pump according to the specific gravity of the transport medium, viscosity, particles, transportation parameters and other comprehensive factors to choose the diaphragm pump, in the pump material also have certain attention. At present, pneumatic diaphragm pump support cast iron, aluminum alloy, engineering plastics, stainless steel and other materials, the key component of the internal diaphragm can also be customized.

In addition to diesel and finished oil, if you need to mining with more granular impurities of oil, part of the diaphragm pump performance may not meet the requirements of mining, can choose professional oil mining equipment screw pump, screw pump has reliable and stable medium adaptability, and low cost, suitable for large quantities, after proper installation can be used as professional oil production equipment, Compared with other oil production equipment, not only the working performance is more stable, but also can effectively reduce the investment capital.

In summary, the simple description of diesel can be used with diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump is capable of this kind of work.

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