Pneumatic diaphragm pump advantages and disadvantages

Pneumatic diaphragm pump design concept is novel, is a reliable new pump with excellent comprehensive performance, currently in a variety of transportation fields shine, many users are also more concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic diaphragm pump, in this regard, SAIKEN pump industry on the diaphragm pump working characteristics and basic use to make a sort of introduction, to help you have a sufficient understanding of it, see the following for details.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump advantages and disadvantages – advantages

1, do not rely on motor, so can be used in flammable and explosive field, do not worry about leakage, no safety risks, easy to carry;

2, can be idled for a long time does not damage the pump, because of the light volume, running vibration is very slight;

3, excellent comprehensive performance, can be diving, self-priming, anti-leakage, can transport chemical liquid, can also be like screw pump transport viscous liquid;

4, installation does not need the foundation, does not occupy too much space, even in the remote environment away from the power can be used normally;

5, high safety, will not crash, will not cause overclocking or overload due to load operation, with self-protection function, daily use in the operation is simple and convenient;

6, can be customized, Zhongcheng Pump pneumatic diaphragm pump products for different transportation conditions, support engineering plastics, stainless steel, cast iron, alloy and other pump materials.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump advantages and disadvantages – disadvantages

1, the air source pressure is limited, such as most model specifications of the pneumatic diaphragm pump pressure limit of 6Bar, can not break;

2, pneumatic diaphragm pump internal structure is optimized, unlike other pumps will be used for a long time and gradually performance decline, but the key component diaphragm, belongs to consumables, need to be regularly checked and replaced;

3, the overall flow is relatively small, which is determined by the power drive, unlike the motor pump has high operating parameters, so the pneumatic diaphragm pump is used for small-scale water transport system.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic diaphragm pump, users can choose according to the actual transportation needs. Overall, because the comprehensive performance is more comprehensive, the application range of this kind of pump products is very wide. If the flow has higher requirements, it can also consider the use of electric diaphragm pump. In addition, in order to ensure the use of efficiency and life

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