How to disassemble diaphragm pump

How to disassemble diaphragm pump? The relevant process is not complicated, and only basic mechanical knowledge is required to get started quickly. A correct grasp of this disassembly step can effectively improve the stability of transportation projects. SAIEKN Pump Industry has introduced the disassembly experience of pneumatic diaphragm pump and sorted out the relevant disassembly steps for reference.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump does not rely on the motor, not only easy to use, in the event of unexpected failure in need of maintenance is also more safe, so customers do not need to worry too much about how to disassemble the diaphragm pump this problem, the relevant maintenance steps can be carried out in the following way, only need to have basic mechanical knowledge to disassemble work, in order to ensure the quality of maintenance, it is recommended to organize the operating environment in advance, And prepare the appropriate tools.

1. First mark the pump body and the air chamber on both sides of the pneumatic diaphragm pump, and then disassemble, which is to prevent subsequent assembly errors;

2. First remove the fastening bolts between the outlet pipe and the pump body. After unloading, you can check the valve ball and seat. These two key motion components may have wear or displacement after a long time of use, which needs to be treated as needed.

3, separate the intermediate between the outside of the pump body and the inner magnetic, after disassembly can check the diaphragm, if the diaphragm aging will gradually lose efficiency, damage will lead to leakage, so the need for regular inspection and replacement;

4. When checking the diaphragm, the outer splint edge of the diaphragm should be fixed with a tool, and then the diaphragm device is separated from the intermediate, and then the diaphragm device is loosened by clockwise rotation;

5. After removing the outer diaphragm splint, take out the shaft in the intermediate body, and separate the shaft and diaphragm device with a tool to check the wear of the splint and diaphragm of the shaft;

6. After opening the distribution valve with a wrench or other tools, you can check the wear of piston, oil seal, sealing ring, resistance rod and other components.

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