Does diaphragm pump have a long life

Does diaphragm pump have a long life? Pneumatic diaphragm pump because the motor drive does not use, in use is not only convenient and more stable and reliable, the internal structure of the pump body is relatively simple, less vulnerable parts, in operation will not crash, overload and idling operation does not damage the pump body, so under the premise of the correct use of pump, diaphragm pump usually has a long service life.

For users, there is no need to worry too much about the long life of the diaphragm pump. Under the premise of normal use, the pneumatic diaphragm pump can run for more than two thousand hours, and the frequency of use is about twenty million times. It can be used for more than half a year according to the calculation of eight hours a day. In actual use, considering the complexity of the working condition and the difference in pump material, the actual service life will be different. Generally speaking, the life of the diaphragm pump made of plastic is relatively short, and the life of the pump made of stainless steel is relatively longer. In addition, it is recommended that users make corresponding maintenance and repair plans according to the service cycle, in order to further extend the service life of the pump.

About the long life of the diaphragm pump, we have to mention a big characteristic of the pneumatic pump, at present many electric pumps, in a long time of work may be due to environmental temperature changes, material composition changes and other factors and damage the pump body, and pneumatic diaphragm pump in the suction medium, even if caused by accident for a long time idling, or the operation process suddenly blocked overload and so on, will not damage the pump body. Compared with electric pumps, pneumatic pumps are not only easier to use, the failure rate is lower, the operation does not generate heat and does not rely on the power supply, so the safety is also guaranteed.

Although the service life of the diaphragm pump is long, it is recommended that users do the necessary maintenance measures in daily use, such as timely cleaning of the pump chamber after pumping the medium with too high viscosity, installing pneumatic triplet, periodically checking the diaphragm, reducing improper operation and so on. Through a series of measures, the service life of the pump can be effectively extended, but also has a product effect on maintaining stable working conditions.

After the above introduction, I believe you also have a clear understanding of the long life of diaphragm pump. If you encounter other problems when using this equipment, or want to further know more similar products, sustainable attention to SAIKEN pump industry.

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