Does pneumatic diaphragm pump have suction range

Does pneumatic diaphragm pump have suction range? The theoretical suction range is seven meters, the actual suction performance is affected by the installation environment and the specific gravity of the medium, generally speaking, the longer the pipe layout, the more bending, the more energy loss when pumping, at the same time, the more complex the composition of the medium, will also weaken the suction of the diaphragm pump, if the suction range can not reach the standard value, need to adjust the installation position and pipeline layout, and dilute the concentration of the medium.

For the pneumatic diaphragm pump has suction, there is no doubt that there is suction, if the suction is not good in the actual process of the pump, most of the problems, it is recommended to repeatedly wash the pipeline of the pneumatic diaphragm pump, in transportation should also avoid mixing materials, to ensure that the pipeline is smooth. If the suction is still small after cleaning, it is considered that the important internal components have been worn, leading to the normal operation of the air pump. It is necessary to open the air pump and check the sealing ring, exhaust valve, ball valve, ball seat and other wearing parts, and timely replace the badly worn or aging parts.

In addition to the above two reasons that will affect the suction, there are other abnormal conditions that will cause the suction to decline. In order to improve your pump experience, the following is a brief introduction to them.

1, the installation does not meet the standard: diaphragm pump compact size, the shell default use engineering plastic, no vibration in the actual operation of the bass, so there is no need to install additional shock absorption device, the installation environment is not high requirements, but in the pipeline layout should pay attention to check the installation position of the pump, if the pump installation is too high, or the pipeline layout is too long, will affect the normal suction;

2, the medium composition exceeds the transportation standard: diaphragm pump according to the diameter of the medium has different adaptability, can handle a certain viscosity and containing hard particles of the medium, but if the medium viscosity exceeds the standard, it will lead to the internal flow channel gradually narrowed until blocked, it is recommended to replace the higher standard pump type according to the actual working conditions;

3, the air source contains water: pneumatic diaphragm pump depends on compressed air to drive, if used in the humidity environment is too high, water into the compressed air will have a direct impact on the performance, it is recommended to use industrial dryer to relieve humidity, can also be installed in the pump inlet filter;

In summary, it not only explains the suction range of pneumatic diaphragm pump, but also further helps you to understand the solution of related problems encountered in the use of the pump. If you are interested in knowing more details, you can directly consult saiken Pump industry.

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