Diaphragm pump can draw hot water

Can a diaphragm pump pump hot water? Can, but need to pay attention to the different materials of diaphragm pump temperature tolerance upper limit difference, it is recommended to clear the hot water temperature in advance, in order to select the matching pump type, at present diaphragm pump support plastic, alloy, cast iron, stainless steel and other materials, in addition to the temperature has different adaptability, there are also differences in mechanical strength and adapt to the condition.

About the diaphragm pump can pump hot water, it is undoubtedly OK, but need to choose the corresponding model specifications according to the specific temperature of the liquid. It should be noted that, in addition to the material of the diaphragm pump itself, more attention should be paid to the diaphragm material inside the pump, because the temperature tolerance of the shell is usually very high, and the diaphragm inside the diaphragm pump is made of special rubber, easy to deformation at high temperature, so in fact, the diaphragm pump can pump more hot water, mainly determined by the diaphragm. In this regard, saiken Pump industry on diaphragm pump commonly used several diaphragm materials to make an introduction for reference.

Fluorine plastics: The diaphragm can handle all kinds of high concentration acid medium, relatively reliable and stable, can transport any concentration of acid and alkaline liquid without any damage, can transport the temperature below 170℃ below the liquid, the applicability is very wide, but compared with other diaphragm in the price is slightly higher, after all, the comprehensive performance is better, higher price, Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose the appropriate diaphragm according to the actual properties of the medium.

Polyvinylidene fluoride: PVDF material, with very reliable corrosion resistance, is currently mainly used to deal with chemical liquids containing solvents, can deal with high acid and alkaline liquids without corrosion, temperature adaptability is also good, tolerance temperature upper limit of 90+℃.

Polyformaldehyde: has good solvent resistance and wear resistance, low friction resistance when used, hygroscopic property is also low, the disadvantage is that the temperature tolerance is low, 65℃.

PTFE, PTFE material, in addition to part of the high velocity of liquid, can pump most of the chemical liquid, such as nitric acid and aqua regia suction can also freely, the medium temperature adaptability is very reliable, + 170 ℃, but considering the reciprocating diaphragm pump transportation behavior works, in actual use is Yong medium of dealing with the temperature below 120 ℃. In addition, it should be noted that the general plastic housing is not more than 90℃ temperature tolerance, which means that the use of this diaphragm to transport high temperature media, also need to cooperate with the metal pump body.

Polypropylene film: PP material, can resist moderate strength corrosion, has good chemical resistance, is a low cost and high universality of the film, the current use of this film is to adapt to ordinary acid and alkaline liquid, poor temperature tolerance, the upper limit of the temperature is 65℃.

In summary, to help you understand that the diaphragm pump can pump hot water, no doubt can transport most of the hot water, only need to do a good job of selection in advance. In addition, if you encounter other complicated problems in actual working conditions, please consult saiken Pump industry directly.

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