high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Transfer

Saiken are professional high viscosity Lobe Pump factory and manufacturer for All kinds of glue. The special lobe pump effectively solves the problems of mixing and conveying in each link of the glue,so helping customers improve production efficiency and safety production.


high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Application

Glue is a substance that can bond two objects together. Glue does not exist independently, it must be applied between two objects to play a bonding effect. According to the composition, it can be divided into acrylic glue, 107 glue, composite structural glue, polymer glue, sealing adhesive, hot melt adhesive, water Base adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, adhesives, rubber adhesives, high temperature adhesives, polymer adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, etc
In the entire production process, the main characteristics of the glue are high temperature, high viscosity, and high requirements for mechanical seals. Therefore, in the selection of mechanical seal materials, mechanical seal types, and calculation of tube resistance and speed, a wealth of application technology and practical experience are required. The mechanical seal and the supporting water-cooling circulation system developed by Saiken based on more than ten years of experience greatly increase the service glue lobe pump life of the mechanical seal and reduce the maintenance cost.

high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Transfer-China Saiken Pumps

Working Principle

high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Transfer-China Saiken Pumps
high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Transfer-China Saiken Pumps

Seiken rotary lobe pumps are especially suitable for conveying chemical products with high viscosity, high solid content and strong corrosiveness. Seiken Pumps is committed to using the latest innovations to improve pump performance and seal reliability to help customers improve production efficiency and ensure safety!

high viscosity Lobe Pump Configuration of food grade seal, can also transfer many food grade liquids such as the following:

high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Transfer-China Saiken Pumps

Technical specifications:

◆ Maximum flow: 80m3 / H
◆ Maximum pressure: 10bar
◆ Maximum temperature: 150 ℃
◆ Maximum speed: 960 rpm
◆ Material: ASTM 304/316L, 1.4404
◆ Horizontal TUL
◆ Vertical TUR
◆ Butterfly rotor (standard)
◆ Mechanical seal: Single mechanical seal (standard) double mechanical seal (option) Material SIC / SIC, TC / TC
◆ Suitable for food processing, chocolate, beverages, juices, dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries,CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization

Product Name:LP Series Hygienic Lobe Pumps
Material Science:SS304 / SS316L 
sealing material:EPDM (Standard, FDA Approval)
Maximum flow:2~1110GPM
Maximum pressure:4~10bar
Maximum permissible fluid temperature:100°C(212°F)/ 200°C(392°F) -water-cooling
Specification of power supply:110V,220V,240V,380V,400V,415V,440V 50hz / 60hz
Connection type:Fast clamping, flange, thread, SMS, barb, square port
Motor power:1~30kw
Entry/Exit location:Horizontal or vertical
Maximum viscosity:1×1000000CST
Optional criteria:DIN,SMS,3A,RJT,ISO / IDF
Scope of application:Dairy products, food, beverages, pharmacies, cosmetics, etc.
Maximum diameter:1″/1.2″/1.5″/2″/2.5″/3″/4″/6″
Rotor type:Single leaf, double leaf, three leaf, four leaf, axe head, spiral
Sealing material:EPDM (standard, FDA approved)
Sealing options:PTFE/hygienic single mechanical seal / double mechanical seal with cooling system
Packaging details:Plywood box or custom. Or according to customer 

Saiken rotary lobe pumps are widely used in the food industry. mainly because of the following characteristics:
■High sanitation: The wetted parts are manufactured in stainless steel 304 316 or 316L.
■High smoothness: surface roughness is below 0.8  μm, confirming to 3A, EHEDG, FDA standard.
■Meet CIP and SIP requirements.
■Simple disassembly and asembly, easy maintenance and few wearing parts.
■Low speed, low shear, no damage to the pumped products.

Saiken lobe pumps basically consist of two lobe rotors, which rotate synchronously driven by a pair of synchronous gears in the gearbox. The rotors are driven by the main shaft and sub-shaft to rotate in a synchronous reverse direction, which changes the pump capacity, builds up high vacuum and discharge pressure, thus an efficient pumping is formed. Gap is kept between the rotors and between the pump casing, no friction, long life, no damage, no physical and chemical reaction to the pumped products.

high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Transfer-China Saiken Pumps
high viscosity Lobe Pump For Glue Transfer-China Saiken Pumps

Technological parameter:


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Saiken pumps and Automatic filling machine widely used in food, dairy, beverages,
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