Can diaphragm pumps pump viscous fluid

Diaphragm pump is divided into pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump

Can diaphragm pumps pump viscous fluid? Can, diaphragm pump and screw pump has reliable medium adaptability, stable treatment with viscous or more viscous glue, paste liquid, such as jam, glue, sludge water and so on, but it should be noted that the pump personnel should be clear in advance to transport the specific composition of the liquid content, in order to choose the corresponding caliber of the pump type.

On the diaphragm pump can pump viscous liquid, no doubt can, different pump types of solid content in the liquid performance is different, mainly affected by the caliber, the current maximum standard for transport, particle diameter does not exceed 10mm, viscosity in the following 10,000 centipoor viscous liquid can be freely transported, in the transport process, the theoretical suction up to 5 meters, head up to 70m, The actual performance is affected by the specific gravity of the medium and pipeline layout, but on the whole, it can ensure the stable transportation effect.

In order to help you have a better understanding of the pump, saiken Pumps provides a brief introduction to the basic characteristics of the pump.

Diaphragm pump has two kinds of pneumatic and electric, mainly pneumatic diaphragm pump, because do not use power and more convenience and safety, usually only on the flow head and other parameters have higher requirements to consider the electric diaphragm pump, in the transportation process can meet the situation mostly use pneumatic, because compared with electric pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump in the operation process does not produce heat, More safe when using, even if idling or overload operation will not damage the pump, full of durability. Because there is no need to connect the motor, the pump is light, easy to install and use, without additional shock absorber, medium adaptability is excellent, comparable to screw pump, at the same time can be self-priming, can be used in diving, the internal diaphragm can also be the medium will not be isolated, so it also has the characteristics of shield pump.

On the whole, diaphragm pump as a new type of pump products, combined with the advantages of all kinds of pump types in the past, is a highly comprehensive and highly versatile equipment, and the use of more safe, even the first use of personnel can quickly get started, and compared to the electric pump safety risks are small, there is no fault due to operation error.

In summary, it shows that the diaphragm pump can pump viscous liquid, and also helps you to have more understanding of the basic characteristics of this pump. If there is a need for selection, you can contact saiken pump industry in advance. If the working condition is complex or there is a special transportation need, you can also customize the pump type.

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