Structure characteristics of diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump structure characteristics are reflected in many aspects, take conventional pneumatic diaphragm pump as an example, the internal structure of only more than ten, simple structure brings higher durability, compared with the general pump product failure rate is lower, and the default use of engineering plastics and aluminum alloy and other materials, not only light and portable, in the installation and use is very convenient.

Want to understand the structural characteristics of diaphragm pump, naturally must first have an understanding of its internal composition, the current mainstream pneumatic diaphragm pump is composed of air intake, valve body, valve, ball, ball seat, diaphragm, connecting rod, connecting rod copper sleeve, intermediate bracket, pump inlet, exhaust port, etc., compared with other pump products have fine internal components, diaphragm pump is obviously more simple, But the excellent structure design and flow channel optimization, so that it has more unique working characteristics.

Diaphragm pump has two modes of work, key components diaphragm according to the transport medium selection of ethylene propylene diene plastic, butadiene rubber, silicone, fluorine plastic and other materials, pump body casing in addition to conventional engineering plastics and aluminum alloy, can choose cast iron and stainless steel and other materials, the base can choose nylon base or iron base, in short, according to the transport conditions and needs, can be flexible customized pump, This is also a major characteristic of diaphragm pump.

In general understanding of the structure of the diaphragm pump, according to these structure derived from the working characteristics reflected in all aspects, such as in the medium adaptability close to the screw pump, high quality diaphragm can eliminate the possibility of media leakage, because of the use of compressed air drive so far away from the power supply, can also be submerged without worrying about short circuit, damp and other conditions, No heat is generated in the operation process, so it can be idled for a long time without burning the pump. In time, accidental conditions lead to overload, and it will only automatically stop. After the transportation situation is restored, the pump will also recover by itself.

In summary, a simple description of the structure of the diaphragm pump characteristics, overall, this is a comprehensive performance, a wide range of uses of the new industrial pump, safe and easy to use, the first operation of the pump personnel can also quickly get started.

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