AODD pump diaphragm which kind of material?

AODD pump is compressed air as the power, through the diaphragm reciprocating deformation caused by volume changes of the positive displacement pump, its working principle is similar to the plunger pump. So do you know what kind of materials pneumatic diaphragm pump diaphragm?

Air operated diaphragm pumps diaphragm material is as follows:

1. Fluorinated rubber (Viton) has a good bending life under extremely high temperature conditions, which is used to transport aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons and acidic liquids.

2. When pressing the rubber diaphragm, a nylon woven net is arranged in the rubber to disperse the stress and strengthen the diaphragm.

3. Neoprene rubber (Neoprene) is used in non-corrosive liquids for inexpensive common diaphragms.

4. Buna-U cheap diaphragm for oil/oil-based liquids.

5. 3 Dollars Rubber has a good bending life at extremely low temperatures.

6. The rubber diaphragm is molded from natural rubber. Artificial additives are added to the rubber to improve the chemical resistance and bending properties of the diaphragm.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump belongs to a kind of common machinery in the chemical industry, after the purchase of this pump, if there is no specialized technical personnel installation, it is likely to delay the production. Pneumatic diaphragm pump diaphragm material is mainly the material described above, I hope we can all understand this material we need to understand clearly.

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