AODD pump in valve selection need to pay attention to what problems?

AODD pump is the use of compressed air as the power source, for all kinds of corrosive liquid, liquid with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid, can be pumped out. So we know the Air operated diaphragm pumps in the valve selection need to pay attention to what problems?

1. Cavitation phenomenon and flash of pneumatic diaphragm pump will directly affect the calculation of flow coefficient in the actual production process. In the process of use will also effectively form noise and vibration, which will directly lead to a shortened valve service life.

2. The wear resistance of pneumatic diaphragm pump products is mainly when the fluid medium contains a high concentration of abrasive particles of suspension, each time when closed, the combination of valve core and valve seat will be serious friction. The corrosion of pneumatic diaphragm pump is mainly due to the corrosion of the medium. When the equipment meets the adjustment function, must choose the simple structure of the valve as far as possible.

3. Before choosing pneumatic diaphragm pump valve body, it is necessary to carefully analyze the parameters of the control process medium. Mainly according to its selective flow characteristics and unbalance force factors such as comprehensive consideration. The main reason for pneumatic diaphragm pump is that there are many types of product valve body, which is a very important part in the process of choosing valve body. Commonly used valve bodies include small flow, straight through double seat, eccentric rotation, diaphragm, ball, butterfly, etc.

All of us in the choice of pneumatic diaphragm pump, we need to pay more attention to these problems, choose our appropriate pneumatic diaphragm pump is what we all need.

AODD pump in valve selection need to pay attention to what problems?-China Saiken Pumps