What lubricating oil can pneumatic diaphragm pump use

Pneumatic diaphragm pump can use what lubricating oil:

Air valves of pneumatic diaphragm pumps are designed to operate without lubrication. However, if it is lubricated, a few drops of mechanical oil can be added to the container under the air regulator (pneumatic triplet) every 500 working hours (or every month). Appropriate grease (petroleum jelly) should be added when replacing O-ring, sliding block and auxiliary rod.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump why to add lubricating oil?

1 Pneumatic diaphragm pump is powered by compressed air. Proper lubrication can make the operation of the pump more stable and extend the service life of the pump.

2) To ensure that the compressed air is clean, dirty gas is easy to wear the valve, it is recommended to install pneumatic triplets! 3) The machine should be opened and closed slowly to reduce the impact on the pipeline and diaphragm. Check whether the pipeline connection is loose before starting the machine.

4) When conveying dangerous liquid, please connect the pump exhaust to a safe place, so as to avoid danger when the diaphragm is damaged.

5) Please clean in time after conveying the liquid which is easy to dry, so as not to damage the diaphragm or screw pump can not start next time.

6) When the pipeline is long, the pipeline should be fixed, and the pump should not be used to bear the weight and vibration of the pipeline. Pneumatic diaphragm pump oil leakage or icing is what cause?

Pneumatic diaphragm pump oil leakage causes and treatment methods: gasket, seal ring damage or too loose; Adjust the blowdown pump or replace the gasket and sealing ring. Air valve of pneumatic diaphragm pump icing: check whether the water content of compressed air is too high, installation of air drying equipment pump pneumatic diaphragm pump outlet bubbles: check whether the diaphragm is broken, check whether the clamp is locked, especially the inlet pipe clamp.

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