Pneumatic diaphragm pumps provide modular air valves for easier maintenance

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is made of polypropylene pneumatic diaphragm pump, with long service life of reliable quality, noise bottom, small vibration, high head, never die, fine work and other six advantages, that is, can pump the flow of liquid, but also can transport some of the medium is not easy to flow, with self-priming pump, submersible pump, shield pump, mud pump and impurity pump and other mechanical pump many advantages. The diaphragm can be common diaphragm or corrosion resistant diaphragm.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is easy to maintain, modular air valve is easier to maintain, has an innovative, simple structure through valve, and compared to similar products, its pump head design can improve flow characteristics. The pumps are also self-priming and are good at delivering gas-releasing chemicals such as Sodium hypochlorite. Pneumatic diaphragm pump driven by compressed air, through the air distribution valve and reversing shaft, set in the central part of the pump. The medium (the determining substance) flows through the two manifolders and the pump housing, called the “receiving site”.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is used for the safe delivery of many liquids, from strong acid and alkali to paint coatings to mud, any substance that can flow can be pumped, diaphragm pump because of its wide diameter, can let particles, abrasive and viscous liquid through without damaging the pump. Diaphragm pump can be dry start, with self-priming, when the liquid source is interrupted can be dry run for a long time without damage.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump An extensive liquid handling device. In today’s world, it is no exaggeration to say that wherever there is liquid flow, it can be treated with diaphragm pumps to ensure faster pump reversal, smoother fluid flow, and ensure that the pump does not crash during operation. Pneumatic diaphragm pump body material is available, can be used as a variety of fluid transportation solutions, safe and environmental protection, the whole bolt (composition: head and screw composition) structure, to provide safe leakage of fluid operation, the use of no reinforcement fluid cover, to provide better structural strength.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is arranged in the manifold tube mainly by the valve ball in the realization of liquid suction, in operation, the air distribution valve automatically distributes compressed air to 2 independent air chambers. At the end of each diaphragm stroke, the reversing shaft changes direction, the air distribution valve distributes the compressed air to another air chamber, so that the diaphragm moves in the opposite way, so that the two sides of the diaphragm constantly alternating and repeated motion, so as to achieve the role of suction and pressure, because the pneumatic diaphragm pump is driven by compressed air, its air quality requirements, Must pass through the air filter such as pneumatic triplet (function: filter impurities, etc.) to remove water, remove air impurities, to increase the valve, reversing shaft life (lifetime).

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps provide modular air valves for easier maintenance-China Saiken Pumps