What is the material selection method for pneumatic diaphragm pump?

Pneumatic diaphragm pump product flow is generally between 0-50 cubic meters/hour, head 0-70 meters. The flow and head you need are within this range, and the diaphragm pump can be used. So we know the pneumatic diaphragm pump material selection method is what?

The selection method of pneumatic diaphragm pump material is as follows:

Diaphragm pump according to the material of the pump body is divided into: cast steel diaphragm pump, aluminum alloy diaphragm pump, engineering plastic diaphragm pump, stainless steel diaphragm pump and fluoroplastic diaphragm pump.

Stainless steel: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, organic solvent resistance, acid resistance is slightly poor, the price is slightly higher; Stainless steel we are more familiar with, most of the material can be transported.

Fluorine plastics: commonly known as plastic king, can withstand various concentrations of strong acids and alkalis, almost all materials can be used, and the price is high.

Cast iron: wear-resistant, cheap, resistance to slight corrosion; Such as sewage, sludge, rainwater, wastewater treatment.

Aluminum alloy: lightweight, the same performance as cast iron, cheap, resistance to slight corrosion; For example, the paint and coating industry is more used.

Engineering plastics: acid, alkali and corrosion resistant, cost-effective, not resistant to organic solvents. If the concentration is not high, all kinds of acid-base solvents.

When we all choose the material of the pneumatic diaphragm pump, we can choose our pneumatic diaphragm pump according to the above selection method, and it is very important for us to choose our appropriate material.

What is the material selection method for pneumatic diaphragm pump?-China Saiken Pumps