What are the precautions for disassembling and replacing pneumatic diaphragm pumps?

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Pneumatic diaphragm pumps need to be installed in some special occasions, under normal circumstances, some conventional pumps can not be pumped medium, so they have got a better use effect. Removing old diaphragm pumps is often a hassle. So what do you know to replace the pneumatic diaphragm pump?

Dismantling pneumatic diaphragm pump should be noted as follows:

1. Pull the hydraulic end outward to remove the screw from the jack. Grab the liquid and rotate it counterclockwise.

2, the suction end of the metering pump may leak. Hydraulic end suction couplings reduce loose O-ring or suction valve connections.

3. After loosening the pump head, adjust the stroke length to 10% azimuth Angle before removing the pneumatic diaphragm pump head. In order to ensure that the electromagnetic shaft has a satisfactory pressure, insist that its connection is stable, so that the diaphragm can be unscrewed.

4. Metering chemicals may crystallize at the hydraulic end, resulting in the ball and seat of the check valve not working normally.

The pneumatic diaphragm pump is a device powered by compressed air when it is working, and the volume change of the diaphragm is very easy to occur during the reciprocating deformation, and its main working principle is very close to that of the piston pump.

The precautions for dismantling the pneumatic diaphragm pump are mainly those introduced above, and we all need to pay more attention to these precautions.

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What are the precautions for disassembling and replacing pneumatic diaphragm pumps?-China Saiken Pumps