Pneumatic diaphragm pump use method

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of safe conveying pump. Pneumatic diaphragm pump can transport a variety of dangerous media, the transportation effect is still very good. The use of pneumatic diaphragm pump must pay attention to, because the failure of this pump is still relatively high, so it is necessary to understand the correct use of the pump. For example, it is still very necessary to install pneumatic triplets, which has a protective effect on the machinery, and it is usually necessary to add some lubricating oil, which has a very good effect on extending the service life of the diaphragm pump.

1, the pneumatic diaphragm pump is powered by compressed air, and the addition of lubricating oil at intervals can make the operation of the pump more stable, which has a very good effect on extending the service life of the pump.

2, to ensure that the compressed air is clean, unclean gas wear to the pump is still more severe, it is recommended to install pneumatic triplets.

3, the switch should be slow to open and close, so as to reduce the impact on the diaphragm pump, check whether the pipe connection is loose before starting.

4, when transporting dangerous liquid, please connect the pump exhaust to a safe place, in case of failure, it is still very dangerous.

5, the transmission needs to clean the diaphragm pump, and some media will condense in the pipeline if not cleaned in time.

6, if the pipeline is extended, it is necessary to fix the pipeline, and the pump cannot be used to withstand the weight and vibration of the pipeline.

The use of pneumatic diaphragm pump is still very simple, but some small details need to be paid attention to.

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