Steps for separating hot oil pump

The hot oil pump generally uses the method of combining packing seal and mechanical seal. The packing seal uses the high temperature resistant packing, which has excellent hot state response, and the mechanical seal uses the hard alloy material with high mechanical strength and good wear resistance, to ensure the sealing function under high temperature. Selection of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE for short) lip seal, than rubber sealing reliability forward 25 times, better sealing, strong corrosion resistance. The support of the Hot thermal oil circulating pump adopts the structural method of double end ball bearing support, the front end uses lubricating oil lubrication, the back end uses lubricating grease lubrication, and the base has a guide oil pipe, which is used to inquire the sealing condition and recover the heat conduction oil at any time. Self-heat dissipation structure, change the traditional water cooling structure, simple structure, small volume, saving operation costs, reliable use.
Split guidance of hot oil pump:

  1. First clean up the liquid inside the pump and the lubricating oil inside the bearing bracket.
  2. Gently unscrew the bolt of the assured motor by hand, remove the whole motor from the base, and remove the two halves of the coupling.
  3. Further unscrew the connection of the pump cover, loosen the bolt of the bearing seat bracket, and take the pump cover together with the bearing bracket and the rotor part out of the pump body.
  4. Remove the impeller nut and remove the impeller.
  5. Take out the retaining ring and sealing packing in the sealing chamber of the pump cover of the hot oil pump.
  6. Unscrew the connecting bolt between the pump cover and the bearing body, and remove the bearing cover.
  7. Open the oil filling hole and clean the lubricating oil in the bearing.
  8. Unscrew the connecting bolt between the bearing body and the bearing gland, and remove the bearing gland.
  9. Press down (or drop) the pump shaft from the impeller end of the pump shaft to pull out the pump shaft.
  10. Remove the elastic retaining ring, rubber oil seal, oil guide ring and front bearing from the bearing body.
  11. Take out the elastic retainer with spring calipers and press out the bearing.
Steps for separating hot oil pump-China Saiken Pumps