Hot thermal oil circulating pump is high temperature resistant

Hot thermal oil circulating pump has reasonable structure, excellent performance and reliable use. Suitable for conveying high temperature liquid without solid particles. The degree of corrosion resistance and use temperature depends on the material of the main parts in contact with the medium.
Hot oil pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, there are vertical, horizontal, single stage, multistage, shield and other structures, because its import and export in the same straight line, and the import and export diameter is the same, like a section of pipe, can be installed in any position in the pipeline named hot oil pump. The production of hot oil pump materials are cast iron, stainless steel and other materials, mainly suitable for high-rise buildings, garden irrigation, pipeline pressurization, hot and cold water circulation, flammable and explosive liquid and corrosive liquid transportation. Pump production and manufacturing technology has been very mature, stable performance, in the domestic urban construction, environmental protection, industrial and other fields have been a large number of applications.
Generally, the circuit board of high temperature heat conduction oil pump is built into the pump body, and then the epoxy resin is used to seal the pump body. When the pump is running, there is a certain temperature rise. For example, when the pump is running in a 20 degree environment, the internal temperature rise will reach about 30 degrees, so the internal temperature of the pump is about 50 degrees. When the water pump works in the water temperature of 60 degrees, the internal temperature is about 90 degrees, and the general temperature resistance level of electronic components is 85 degrees, and some can reach 125 degrees. So if the internal temperature exceeds the temperature level of electronic components for a long time, the life and reliability of the pump can not be well guaranteed.
The high temperature heat conduction oil pump is characterized by high temperature resistance, long-term stable operation in the hot state, no leakage, no additional cooling system. Suitable for conveying high temperature liquid without solid particles, applicable temperature does not exceed 350℃. And has a certain weak corrosion resistance. Can be widely used in petrochemical, oil, wood processing, food industry, road building, pharmaceutical, plastic rubber, synthetic fiber, paper printing, textile printing and other hot oil circulation system. It is widely used in hot oil heating system. It is an ideal heat carrier medium circulating pump.
This type of hot oil pump is a single stage selection structure is divided into foot support and center support, pump inlet for axial suction, outlet for shaft vertical upward, pump and drive motor through the elastic coupling (or belt coupling) mounted on the same base. The pump is sealed with soft packing, which has good thermal adaptability, reliable sealing without leakage, and does not need to install cooling system, thus greatly reducing the operating cost.
The steps and methods of selecting high temperature heat conduction oil pump are as follows:
(1) According to the design head of the pump station, several pumps with different flow rates are selected from the pump comprehensive spectrum diagram or the performance table of 2113 pipe pump product samples. The selected pump design (rated) head is the same as or close to the pump station design head. But the flow may be different. Here, the single pump flow of different pump types is represented by Q.
(2) According to the design flow of the pump station and the selected pump flow Q, determine the number of different pump types of 5261, and strive to meet the requirements. Draw the process line of water use or drainage design flow in irrigation (drainage) area, and fit the process line of discharge flow of pumping station with different number of pumps to check whether it can meet the requirements of irrigation and drainage flow changes. If the fitting flow process line (that is, the discharge process line of the pump station) is close to the flow plate process line of the irrigation and drainage design, it indicates the number of pumps selected. Basically can adapt to irrigation (drainage) requirements. Within the allowable range of irrigation (drainage), the design flow process line can be modified appropriately to make the two specialist anastomosing.

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