Do you know how to improve the efficiency of hot oil pump?

Hot oil pump is mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, bearing body, support, spindle, seal, bearing, impeller eight large parts, in the design to improve the thermal efficiency of the system, omit the water treatment system and equipment. Reduced equipment and pipeline maintenance workload. It can reduce the initial investment and operating costs of the heating system.
When heat conduction oil meets open flame, there may be combustion. The cause of the accident is that the heat conduction oil system has problems compared with the water vapor system. However, under the condition of no leakage, because the heat conduction oil system works under low pressure, its operation safety is higher than that of the water and steam system.
When the operating temperature is more than 400℃, the heat conduction oil is compared with another kind of high temperature heat transfer medium molten salt. Compared with heat conduction oil, molten salt has advantages in the price and service life of heat transfer medium, but it is in obvious disadvantages in other aspects, especially in the complexity of system operation.
The material of the pump body and cover of the Hot thermal oil circulating pump is mainly made of cast steel in China, and ductile iron is also available. Compared with the latter, the wear resistance, hardness and temperature resistance of the two kinds of materials are due to the former. However, the cost price of good nodular cast iron is higher than that of cast steel processing. The advantage of the former is that once the parts have pores or trachoma, they can be solved by welding, and the welding process of the latter is very high, so the scrap rate of the parts processing of the latter is higher. In addition, the bearing body is generally made of ordinary cast iron material, the bearing body is not in contact with the medium, and is mainly used to assemble two pieces of bearings to bear the impeller of the main shaft and hot oil pump. The key of the bearing body is whether the processing of the bearing position at both ends is concentric. If the concentricity is poor, then the service life of the bearing at both ends will certainly be shortened. Therefore, the level of concentricity directly affects the service life of bearings, which is equivalent to directly affecting the service life of hot oil pumps.
Have you learned the tips of hot oil pump to improve work efficiency.

Do you know how to improve the efficiency of hot oil pump?-China Saiken Pumps