Is the pneumatic diaphragm pump heavy

Is the pneumatic diaphragm pump heavy? If there is no special transportation needs, the default use of pneumatic diaphragm pump engineering plastic as the pump body material, is a small and lightweight pump type, if the transport conditions of the pump mechanical strength requirements are high, the need to use stainless steel or cast iron material, the weight increases accordingly, the user has a clear demand for weight can communicate with the manufacturer in advance, so as to customize the pump type.

About the pneumatic diaphragm pump heavy, simply according to the pump material to decide, the diaphragm pump is mainly plastic, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, which plastic and aluminum alloy air pump is undoubtedly very lightweight, in the installation does not need to install additional shock pad, because the pump body itself is very slight vibration, and low noise. If cast iron or stainless steel is used as the pump body material, in addition to the cost difference, because of the increase in weight, it is generally recommended to increase the damping device when installing large caliber air pumps to ensure smooth operation.

After knowing the weight of pneumatic diaphragm pump and the influence of pump body material on weight, we can further understand the key component — diaphragm. Diaphragm is made of high quality rubber material, which prevents the leakage of media, and also ensures that the pressure in the pump chamber is formed normally. According to the composition properties of the transportation liquid, Optional nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber, PTFE, PTFE and other materials. It should be noted that the rubber diaphragm will gradually age in the actual use process according to the service cycle, and the user needs to check regularly to replace it.

Diaphragm pump comprehensive performance is excellent, not only can transport a lot of liquid flow, for many artefact poor media can also be effective suction, in the medium adaptability of direct screw pump, air pump up to seven meters suction greatly improved the ease of use, internal flow is good, can handle the medium containing solid particles, the operation process supports stepless adjustment of head and flow, It is a popular new type of transportation equipment.

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