Pneumatic diaphragm pump has the ability of “random strain” in practical application

Pneumatic diaphragm pump in the practical application process, in the face of different working environment, can be “random strain”.

If it is used in corrupt or dangerous materials, pneumatic diaphragm pump can also isolate the material directly and the outside world. In some experiments can ensure that no impurities pollute its raw materials, pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used to transport the chemical properties of the more unstable fluid.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used in flammable and explosive environment, high reliable performance and relatively low cost, such as gunpowder, fuel and explosives and other materials transportation, because it will not spark after grounding, and the process of work will not generate heat, so the fluid can not be overheating, and lead to the pneumatic diaphragm pump in the fluid agitation smaller.

And start diaphragm pump in the whole volume is relatively small, so it is more convenient on the movement, in the installation of the basic need for foundation, covers a very small area, installation is very simple and convenient, can be used as a mobile material conveying pump in all walks of life.

Because the pneumatic diaphragm pump can also transport the fluid with relatively unstable chemical properties, such as the common flocculant and photosensitive materials, mainly because the pneumatic diaphragm pump in the shear ability is relatively low, so the physical impact on the material may be very small.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump can also be used in the site of harsh occasions, such as the discharge of industrial and mining wastewater, because the sewage contains more impurities, and the composition is more complex, so it is easy to blockage phenomenon, and pneumatic diaphragm pump can automatically adjust the particles or flow, once the blockage will automatically stop.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a machine that works by air pressure. It will be the air source input from the pump air inlet through the guide valve and valve assembly alternately change the direction of the air flow to alternately push the left and right diaphragm to suction and discharge, while the valve ball with the material in and out and open and close to cooperate with the completion of a working cycle. As long as the pump internal parts of the closed closed, the smooth smooth, the pump can be recycled non-stop work. Under the normal operation of the pump, according to PASCAL’s principle, the speed of the pump frequency, the size of the force depends on the size of the air pressure in the case of a certain force area diaphragm. Proper daily use and maintenance is conducive to prolonging its service life.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump in the process of use is mainly a kind of compressed air as the power, in operation is mainly caused by the diaphragm reciprocating deformation caused by the displacement pump, its working principle is similar to the plunger pump. Pneumatic diaphragm pump compressed air for power, in the exhaust is an expansion heat absorption process, pneumatic pump working temperature is reduced, no harmful gas discharge.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump in operation does not need to use its electricity for power, equipment in the ground can effectively prevent the electrostatic spark, in use can effectively through the liquid containing particles, because of the volumeter work and the inlet for the ball valve, so it is not easy to be blocked.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump in operation in order to effectively ensure that the large particles contained in the fluid can not exceed the large safety of the pump through the particle diameter standard, in the operation of the air inlet pressure is not more than the high allowable pressure of the pump.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump to a certain extent can effectively ensure that the pump pressure pipeline system can effectively withstand the high output pressure to a certain extent, so that it can ensure the clean and normal working conditions of its driving gas path system.

To sum up, the pneumatic diaphragm pump by the majority of customers is not without reason, its “adaptable” ability is its significant advantage.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump has the ability of “random strain” in practical application-China Saiken Pumps