Pneumatic diaphragm pump conveying material viscosity range

Pneumatic diaphragm pump conveying material viscosity range of 10 thousand centipor below, the pump has a suction range of 5 meters, can effectively suction with a certain viscosity of the medium, such as jam, drink, mud water and so on, and because of the internal flow is spacious, has good performance through, in dealing with this kind of medium wear on the pump is very slight, is the current popularity of a kind of transportation equipment.

On the pneumatic diaphragm pump conveying material viscosity range, different models and specifications of the air pump has certain differences, so it is recommended that the user in the selection of the first clear transport medium viscosity, in order to select the targeted. In addition, it is also necessary to understand the particle content in the medium. The maximum particle diameter transported by the pneumatic diaphragm pump is 10mm. Other parameters such as flow and head can be increased by about 10% in the range of actual required parameters. This part of reserved parameters can effectively avoid overload or crash during operation.

In the knowledge of pneumatic diaphragm pump conveying material viscosity range, may wish to further deepen the understanding of this type of pump. At present, most of the pump products on the market rely on the motor to drive the operation of the pump, and the pneumatic diaphragm pump driving mode is unique, the use of compressed air as a power source, the advantage of this feature is that it is more convenient to carry and use, more safe and no hidden danger in the transportation process, and do not worry about idling and crash, the disadvantage is that compared with the electric pump, the performance parameters are weaker, Only suitable for small flow water projects.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump has a strong comprehensive performance, submersible operation, with the sealing characteristics of the shield pump, medium adaptability comparable to screw pump, light weight, running vibration and no noise, installation and maintenance are convenient, and because of the simple structure, few failures, not as precise as other pumps. In terms of use, pneumatic diaphragm pump can not only transport clean water liquid, but also transport corrosive liquid, including sewage containing certain particles.

In summary, to help you understand the range of viscosity of pneumatic diaphragm pump conveying material, but also further understand its working characteristics, if there are other questions, sustainable attention saiken pump industry.

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