How do diaphragm pumps pump water

How do diaphragm pumps pump water? Pneumatic diaphragm pump performance is widely used, in the need of pumping can be directly placed under the liquid as a submersible pump, can also be installed on the ground to use, before use only need to confirm the air pure and no abnormal pressure can be, in the operation process can be controlled by adjusting the valve opening to control the flow, safe and simple operation.

As for how diaphragm pumps pump water, the corresponding operation mode is not complicated, even users with only basic mechanical knowledge can quickly learn to use. The pump does not need to be connected to the power supply, only need to ensure that the compressed air is pure and free of impurities, can be completed by opening or closing the gas valve way to complete the start and stop, by controlling the valve opening service support 1 ~ 7bar stepless adjustment, can freely adjust the head and flow parameters. Pneumatic diaphragm pump has self-protection function in the process of operation, if caused by accident idling or overload operation, will not damage the pump.

After knowing how to pump the diaphragm pump, the operator, in order to ensure the smooth use of the process, can further understand the relevant matters needing attention.

1, pump type of different performance limits also have different standards, before pumping to clear the volume and content of particulate matter in the liquid does not exceed the air pump transport specifications;

2, as far as possible to install the pressure gauge, during the operation of attention to the intake pressure can not exceed the pump maximum allowable operating pressure, otherwise it will damage the pump body;

3. Compressed air is the power source of pneumatic diaphragm pump, which has strict quality requirements. It is recommended to install air filters to avoid foreign bodies and moisture infiltration into the compressed air, and the pump should be cleaned regularly.

Clear the relevant precautions can effectively improve the stability of the use of pneumatic diaphragm pump, to maintain work efficiency is very helpful, the pump support a variety of material customization, users can understand the actual transportation needs in advance after contact with the manufacturer, in order to customize the appropriate pump according to the transportation conditions.

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