Does the diaphragm pump need oil

Does the diaphragm pump need oil? Diaphragm pump is different from the use of motor driven pump, do not need to add oil regularly, its internal components in the assembly process has been added with grease, can ensure lubrication effect for a long time, but to explain is that, when the unexpected conditions lead to the need to dismantle the pump maintenance, pneumatic diaphragm pump internal components after maintenance need to add some lubricating oil.

About the diaphragm pump to add oil, the reason why do not need is determined by its structure and driving mode, compared with other pump products, pneumatic diaphragm pump internal components less, reasonable quality movement system, only need in advance to apply grease on the relevant components can be used for a long time, and because the pneumatic drive in the working process does not produce heat, So there will be no excessive consumption of grease. In fact, pneumatic diaphragm pump itself is a kind of use, very save human labor intensity of high quality pump.

It is worth mentioning that, although the diaphragm pump on the market to pneumatic type, but also some electric diaphragm pump, electric pump in the internal structure of the same as the pneumatic type, but the driving force source replaced by a motor, the advantages of this type of pump is reflected in a stronger performance, but the weight will increase, and also need to add lubricating oil regularly to ensure lubrication effect, In general, unless the transport conditions clearly require higher parameter standards, under the premise that the performance can be matched, it is recommended to give priority to pneumatic diaphragm pump.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump light weight, low bass vibration when running, can be used normally in the working environment away from the power supply, can be like the screw pump transport with viscosity and particle containing media. The pump internal structure is simple, less wearing parts, easy to operate, not only do not need regular oil, also do not need to monitor the operating parameters like the electric pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump has not crash characteristics, low damage probability, is a comprehensive performance of high quality new pump.

The above content to help you understand the diaphragm pump to add oil, is no doubt not, pneumatic diaphragm pump is the use of grease daub in advance to achieve lubrication effect, if you encounter other problems in the process of using the pump, welcome to ask saiken pump industry directly.

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