Is diaphragm pump easy to clean

Diaphragm pump is divided into pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump can deal with complex composition of high viscosity liquid, but in order to ensure the stability of operation and the service life of the pump itself, after each stop working need to be cleaned, so there are customers consulting diaphragm pump easy to clean? In this regard, only the outlet conduit of the pump needs to be placed in the clear pool for a few minutes, and the clean water will clean and discharge the foreign matter in the cavity during the operation, which is very convenient.

As for whether diaphragm pump is easy to clean, the previous description of looking in the clear pool is based on the premise that the diaphragm of the pump itself is intact. If the diaphragm film is cracked due to accidental working conditions and the transported medium spills, the cleaning work is relatively troublesome. Need to carefully clean the valve and pump chamber, the first step is to confirm the composition of the transport medium itself, whether it is harmful to human body acid and rot media, if harmless then directly use clean cloth to wipe, but if harmful to human body media, you need to configure protective tools after use cleaning, at the same time to check whether the valve is corroded by the medium, Replace as needed.

In short, cleaning is not complicated, especially if the diaphragm is in good condition. Considering the diaphragm pump adaptability to the medium close to the screw pump, but also has a reliable sealing, is used to deal with hazardous liquid, so diaphragm damage will not only bring difficulty to the cleaning work, there are also safety risks, saiken pump in addition to explain the diaphragm pump is easy to clean the problem, It also briefly describes ways to ensure that the diaphragm can be used longer and normally.

1. Diaphragm material selection: according to the composition of the medium to be transported, select the diaphragm of the corresponding material to avoid accelerated wear of the diaphragm;

2. Optimization of operating parameters: Adjust operating parameters according to actual working conditions during use, install pneumatic triplets in advance, monitor pump pressure and flow and other parameters, to ensure that the parameters are always within the rated standard, if the pressure fluctuation is large, it may form an air hammer impact diaphragm, resulting in diaphragm rupture.

In summary, the diaphragm pump is easy to clean, overall cleaning difficulty is not high, especially in the case of intact diaphragm, as long as the user always standardized operation, diaphragm usually has about half a year of service life, it is recommended to choose such a well-known brand as saiken pump industry, to ensure the quality of the pump itself is reliable.

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