Diaphragm pump main features

Diaphragm pump main features:
1, do not need irrigation water, suction up to 7m, head up to 50m, outlet pressure ≥6kgf/cm2;
2, the flow is spacious, through the performance is good, allow through the particle diameter of 10mm. When pumping mud and impurities, little wear to the pump;
3, the head and flow can be adjusted stepless through the valve opening (air pressure adjustment between 1-7kgf/cm2);
4, the diaphragm pump has no rotating parts, no shaft seal, the diaphragm will pump the medium and the moving parts of the pump, the working medium is completely separated, the conveyed medium will not leak outwards. Therefore, when pumping toxic, volatile or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and harm personal safety;
5, do not need to use electricity places safe and reliable;
6, can be immersed in the medium to work;
7, the function is convenient, reliable, open and stop simply open and close the gas valve, even if due to unexpected circumstances for a long time without medium operation or sudden stop, the diaphragm pump will not be damaged, not overload, diaphragm pump will automatically stop, with self-protection performance, when the load returns to normal, and automatic start operation;
8, simple structure, less wearing parts, diaphragm pump structure is simple, easy installation, maintenance, diaphragm pump transport medium will not contact the valve, rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pump due to rotor, piston, gear, blade and other parts wear and tear and performance gradually decline;
9, can transport viscous liquid (viscosity below 10,000 cm);
10, the diaphragm pump does not need oil lubrication, even if idling, the diaphragm pump does not have any impact, which is a major feature of the diaphragm pump.

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