Diaphragm pump heating how to do

Diaphragm pump includes pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump heating how to do? Diaphragm pump has two types of pneumatic and electric, pneumatic diaphragm pump because of the use of compressed air as a power source, even if for a long time idling will not heat, and electric diaphragm pump using motor drive, improper operation will lead to fever, this, the need to first clear the specific causes of fever, and then targeted treatment, the corresponding measures can see below.

About diaphragm pump heating, a long time to let the pump treatment at high temperature will affect the performance, power and operating parameters will decline, so we should first find out the cause of the heating, but it should be explained in advance that any motor driven pump in use after a period of time will be heated, mainly is the temperature range is in line with the standard, if more than the standard should be paid attention to. saiken Pump Industry sorted out relevant causes and treatment measures based on previous pump experience of customers for reference.

1, cooling system failure, mostly caused by water leakage or insufficient cooling water, can be added as needed, such as leakage consider maintenance or replacement, in addition to check whether too much scale after long-term use leads to poor cooling effect;

2, check whether the water temperature gauge is normal, considering that the water temperature gauge is abnormal, leading to the occurrence of inaccurate or faulty instructions, if necessary, maintenance or replacement;

3. Check the condition of the motor radiator, check whether the ventilation duct or the shield net is blocked by foreign matter, which affects the heat dissipation effect. After cleaning, the surrounding garbage can be cleaned to keep the construction environment clean as far as possible;

4. Check the condition of various sports components and accessories, such as fan belts, blades, washers, etc., and replace the aging or severely worn parts;

5. The electric power supply keeps running in overload or overload state for a long time, which leads to performance obstruction. It is necessary to check and optimize the operation parameters.

Overall, how to deal with the heat of the diaphragm pump is mainly to deal with the motor, taking into account the complexity of the internal components of the motor, it is recommended to seek professional and technical personnel for maintenance work, users can reduce the probability of abnormal occurrence by reducing improper operation in daily use, if the construction environment is harsh and complex, it is recommended to use a more reliable pneumatic diaphragm pump.

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