How to clean diaphragm pump

How to clean diaphragm pump? Under normal circumstances, it can be placed in the clear pool after use for a few minutes. In the process of water transport, the flow of water will clean the pump chamber by itself. If the diaphragm inside the diaphragm pump has been damaged and broken, it can not complete the water transport work normally.

On the diaphragm pump how to clean, cleaning purpose is to avoid the medium in the pump chamber precipitation or condensation, especially after the transport of a certain viscous medium, timely cleaning can effectively prevent plugging and internal pipeline narrowing, is very necessary after work. In the cleaning process, it is mainly to clean the pump chamber and the inlet and outlet conduit. This purpose can be achieved by looking at the water normally. If the diaphragm pump can’t look at it due to the damage to the diaphragm, it needs to be manually cleaned under the premise that the medium is harmless.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump use and reliable work, can be used at ease in inflammable and explosive places, the internal structure is also quite simple, even long time use is rarely fault, the key component is diaphragm, according to the transport medium is different there are a variety of materials optional, in actual use as long as the correct use, rarely damaged, Users can make the corresponding maintenance plan according to the specific diaphragm material and frequency of use, can reduce the mechanical failure including diaphragm damage through preventive treatment, correct and proper regular maintenance can significantly improve the stability of equipment.

After knowing how to clean the diaphragm pump, users can further clarify this meaning. The correct flushing of pneumatic diaphragm pump can avoid media adsorption, can effectively prolong the sealing life of the pump, in addition to take away the medium, but also take away heat, reduce the temperature of the sealing chamber, can ensure the lubrication conditions in the pump chamber, reduce the liquid film vaporization, prevent liquid solidification.

The above content is about the diaphragm pump how to clean the introduction, in short, through the correct cleaning can effectively reduce the loss of the pump, improve the stability of the transportation project

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