Can the diaphragm pump pump mud?

Diaphragm pump pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump can pump mud? In theory, it is possible, diaphragm pump itself medium adaptability is excellent, can replace screw pump treatment containing a certain amount of solid particles and viscous media, including mud water, but in order to ensure smooth transportation process, it is recommended to clear the composition of mud in advance, and for the working environment to choose the corresponding model specifications.

For users concerned about the diaphragm pump can pump mud this problem, can be learned by understanding the basic performance of the diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump has many models and specifications, different models of the media processing performance is different, mainly affected by the caliber, the larger the caliber means more efficient processing of all kinds of media. At present, the upper limit of diaphragm pump transportation standard, particle diameter does not exceed 10mm, viscosity in the following 10,000 centipor viscous liquid, in performance, can provide a theoretical suction range of 5 meters, head 70 meters, the specific performance is affected by installation environment, pipeline layout, media composition and many other factors, generally speaking, as long as properly installed and reasonable operation, Can provide stable transportation effect in actual working condition.

At present, diaphragm pump after years of development, the production process has been very mature, with pneumatic and electric two, pneumatic diaphragm pump because of the use of power and more convenient and safety, in the process of operation will not generate heat, so in use is very safe, even if due to some accident conditions lead to idling or overload operation will not damage the pump, Compared with the electric pump, because the motor is not configured, so the volume is also lightweight, more convenient to install and carry, there is no additional need to increase the shock absorption device. However, it needs to be noted that the electric diaphragm pump because of the configuration of the motor, so in matters needing attention and the conventional motor driven pump is almost the same, in operation to carry out the necessary monitoring, generally speaking, only the flow head and other parameters have higher requirements to consider the electric diaphragm pump.

In summary, the introduction of diaphragm pump can pump mud, in short, general enterprise production, construction site, mud water and other related oxygenation can be normal suction as long as the specific gravity in the specified value, but the need for proper installation and layout of the filter device.

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