Safe operating rules for magnetic pumps

The magnetic pump is a kind of high safety level of high-quality anti-leakage pump, which needs to be operated correctly to maintain the stability of transportation conditions. The pump personnel should clarify the safety operation procedures of the magnetic drive pump in advance to prevent accidents. As a motor driven pump, its operation matters are similar to other similar pump products.

Regarding the safety operation rules of magnetic pump, the relevant matters are as follows:

1. Before being formally put into use, the magnetic pump should be correctly and firmly installed. At present, the magnetic pump is mostly horizontal structure, which should be kept horizontal and safe to fully play its performance. In addition, pay attention to the pipe layout do not have too much bending and too long, to prevent excessive performance consumption.

2, in the treatment of transport media, we should pay attention to the magnetic pump can only be used to pump purity close to the water of the liquid, including acid and corrosive liquid and flammable, explosive and other hazardous media, but can not be treated like screw pump containing hard particles too much media.

3. After a long time of processing and pumping the liquid that is easy to precipitate or crystallize, the pipeline should be washed regularly to maintain the flow effect of the channel, especially when the flow rate is abnormally low, the cavity should be dredge in time.

4, the operation process should be arranged for special monitoring, to prevent accidental discharge operation, even a short time of discharge, will lead to a rapid rise in the temperature of the pump chamber, if the flow is too low for a long time, will also cause abnormal temperature components, the consequences in addition to burning the pump, may also cause demagnetization.

5. Before using the magnetic pump, it should be confirmed that the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the steering mark of the magnetic pump, and manually turn the motor several times to confirm that there is no jam. The first use of the pump also needs to advance the filling medium, to prevent idling.

The above content briefly introduces the safety operation procedures of the magnetic pump. In the actual use of the pump, it is also recommended that the user do a good job of regular maintenance, especially for the magnetic pump after a long time of use, according to the use frequency and working conditions to develop a corresponding periodic maintenance plan, regular inspection and maintenance of the pump, timely replacement of the old parts that are not suitable for use.

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