Diaphragm pump triplet use method

Diaphragm pumps have pneumatic diaphragm pumps and electric diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pump is a light and portable air pump that can run from the power supply and has reliable comprehensive performance. If you want to not play the operation performance of the pump, you need to install and use it correctly. Recently, there are also users who use pneumatic diaphragm pump for the first time to understand the use of diaphragm pump triplet. See below for more information on how to use it.

Pneumatic triplets are air filter, pressure reducing valve, oil mist, etc. It needs to be noted that some manufacturers of solenoid valves and cylinders have oil-free lubrication function, through grease to ensure the lubrication effect, so there is no need to use oil mist. As a component that must be installed when the pneumatic diaphragm pump is used, the triplet shall be installed near the air pump in accordance with the order of air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist. The diaphragm pump triplet shall be used as follows.

1, the role of the filter is to filter out the water in the air, to ensure the purity of the compressed air, especially in the high humidity environment, if there is no filter, the air pump will not be able to form normal pressure because of too much water in the air source. When in use, it can be drained by pressure difference and manual drainage. It should be noted that the water level of manual drainage is discharged before the level below the filter element.

2. The role of the pressure reducing valve is to maintain the stability of the air source pressure, so that the air source is always kept in a constant state, which can effectively reduce the damage caused to the valve when the air pressure changes. In operation and use is by rotating the knob to adjust the pressure, should pay attention to the first knob to pull up and then rotate, press down the knob is indicated by positioning, clockwise rotation to increase the outlet pressure, counterclockwise rotation to reduce the outlet pressure, the operation process to maintain uniform pressure regulation, do not step to the end.

3, the role of the oil mist is to spray oil on the moving parts of the pump, so that it can maintain the lubrication effect, the need to check the oil situation regularly and refueling, in the refueling pay attention not to fill up, avoid overflow, there is no specific requirements on the oil model, the use of reliable quality of oil can be.

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