A brief introduction to diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pump has pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump, the main type of actuator, changes the fluid flow with the help of dynamic operation by receiving the control signal output from the regulating control unit. The function of the diaphragm pump in the control process is to accept the control signal of the regulator or the computer, change the flow rate of the adjusted medium, so that the adjusted parameters are maintained within the required range, so as to achieve the automation of the production process. If the automatic adjustment system is compared with the manual adjustment process, the detection unit is the human eye, the adjustment control unit is the human brain, then the executive unit – the diaphragm pump is the human hand and foot. In order to realize the adjustment and control of a certain parameter in the process, such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, level, etc., it is inseparable from the diaphragm pump. Pneumatic diaphragm pump is commonly used in five kinds of materials: plastic, aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, Teflon. Electric diaphragm pump has four materials: plastic, aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel. Diaphragm pump diaphragm according to different liquid media respectively using nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene and so on placed in various special occasions, used to pump various media to meet the needs.

There are four types of diaphragm pump combination, namely, positive and positive (gas closed type), positive and negative (gas open type), anyway (gas open type), reverse (gas closed type). Characteristics of the medium; Ensure product quality, minimum economic loss.

The flow characteristics of the diaphragm pump refers to the relationship between the relative flow of the medium through the valve and the displacement (relative opening of the valve), and the ideal flow characteristics are mainly linear, equal percentage (logarithm), parabola and fast opening. Commonly used ideal flow characteristics are only straight line, equal percentage (logarithm), fast opening three. It is considered from the following aspects: (1) Analysis and selection from the regulation quality of the regulation system; ② Consider from the process piping situation; ③ From the load change analysis.

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