Working principle of pneumatic double diaphragm pump

Pneumatic double diaphragm pump is a new type of transport machinery diaphragm pump, the use of compressed air as a power source, for a variety of containing solid particles, volatile liquids, toxic and harmful liquids, high viscosity, easy to corrode the liquid can be pumped. Widely used in all walks of life, pneumatic diaphragm pump products are loved by the majority of users. The pneumatic double diaphragm pump does not need to pump water, but also can pump the flowing medium, and can pump the solid medium that is not easy to flow. Strong performance through.

In the symmetric working chamber of the diaphragm pump, each is equipped with an elastic diaphragm, the rod can combine the two diaphragms together, compressed air from the air inlet joint of the pneumatic diaphragm pump into the valve, push the diaphragm in the two working chambers, and drive the two diaphragms connected by the rod to move together. The gas in the working chamber drains out of the pump from the back of the diaphragm. At the end of the exercise. The valve mechanism attracts compressed air to another working chamber, pushing the diaphragm to move in the opposite direction, driving the two diaphragms to reciprocate in sync. There are two one-way ball valves in the working chamber, and the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm changes the content volume of the working chamber, driving the reciprocating opening and closing of the two one-way ball valves. The liquid is continuously inhaled and discharged, and this movement process is called the working principle of the pneumatic double diaphragm pump.

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